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I would personally like to thank all of my students that have gone through the academy for the past 27 years. Many have gone on and received dance degrees, twirled for their college, and opened their own dance studios. But whatever they do, remember   love you and hope that you have reached for the stars!


"Thank you for everything you have taught my daughter. She has become a natural leader and I think a lot of it comes from you and Center Stage. I am so thankful she chose your studio 3 years ago."

"Thanks for what you have taught Kenzie"


"What u said here Bev the Jolliffs have known for years! And this is why we have allowed you to mentor, teach, and build one of my most precious things in the world! Shelby Elizabeth.


Bev the love of dance is shown not spoken and just look at the girls you have taught. All of them are better woman and dancers because they were with you! Keep doing what u do! We love you!"



"i just have to say your amazing...."



"Isabella turned 4 today! She loves to dance!"



"So proud of her!! She loves Dance!! Thank you Beverly Stansbury it's amazing how far she has come since her first day 4 years ago!"

Kelly Kremer


"Hey Bev, Typical message, I Just wanted to say: Through these past 9-10 years, You have taught me to point my toes, do the splits, catch my 2 spin, and many MANY more things. You've encouraged me to keep my chin up, never give up, And Always practice so I Can have it down pat. You've helped me through difficult problems, Injured bones, And crying because of bullying or a student. I Just Wanted to say thank you for all you have done. Every year, I Am improving because you AND Ariel Inspire me too. I've gotten more flexible through-out the years. It took me a long time to catch those 2 spins, even though I barely practiced on them, You helped me to catch them. You are a lovely lady, and an AWESOME Baton twirler and dance teacher. I Started Dance in 2004 and still going today in 2013, These Years Have been the best years of my life. You know I Will Always stay in dance. Until im an Adult. So once Again Thank you for all you taught me and I Love you. (:"



"I see how well Lilly and Abby, both, are doing with their dance and tumbling. That's because of you. I'm not teaching Lilly how to do one handed cartwheels and stuff, and I'm not the one teaching Abby so many different things with baton and all. You're doing a wonderful job with them."

Karen H.


"Wanted to give you a quick THANKS! Hallie has done her summersaults all week so well with the new hands free method. Everytime she does it right she says "miss bev be happy!!"



"Micaela and I really do appreciate all that you do. You are a wonderful dance teacher and Micaela loves it! She looks forward to Tuesday's so she can dance. You all deserve it so much with all the hard work that you put into these competitions. The girls wouldn't get this far without all that you do for them. They are lucky to have you as their dance teacher. Micaela is excited about Nationals!"



"I believe all of her years of dance with you paid off her friends spend the night about every weekend, and they all watch her dance. They say "gosh kaylee where do you get those move". Lol I laugh and tell them "well it is not from her mom".  Soooooo I am here to say to you once again thank you for all you did for my daughter."



"Micaela and I both appreciate everything that you do. You do a lot for all the girls. Micaela loves dance! We love ya too!!"



 "I am glad that she has her twirlining as an outlet, I can never thank you enough for that!"



"thank you(:"


"bev, thank you for the amazing year of dance i had. i loved dance this year. i have not got so much out of it than this year. you have been an amazing dance teacher and none of us could have done it or made it without you(: i am very disapointed that classes are over until the fall but cannot wait until they start back up! i thought nationals was amazing and hope we can get a chance to go somewhere next year! thanks again.....♥ yah and btw you rock"



"One of the best dance studios in the area, very friendly, the instructor works with children well!

My child has attended Center Stage for numerous years and has not only received great instruction, but learned to love to dance. It is very rewarding for my child to learn how to be confident in herself and perform in front of people. Center Stage takes the time to teach each child not only how to dance, but how to work with others and learn poise and self-confidence. I recommend this studio to all who are interested in not just lessons, but an entire world of love for becoming someone."


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posted: Sat Nov 1 2008


"Experience Counts

Center Stage instructor works with the students to make them the best they can be, and my daughter enjoys taking classes here. The time she spends making sure that everyone understands what they are doing is great. I love being able to watch my child dance anytime I want, and not just when I'm allowed to. I recommend Center Stage to all parents!"


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posted: Mon Aug 30 2010



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