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For dancers that are just starting their dance training and want to experience more than just one style of dance, then a combination class is a great place to begin. Our program offers a wide variety of combination classes for ages 15 months up to 9 years of age. Our combination classes include:


Mommy & Me Movement/Tumble (Ages 15-24 Months) with adult                          

Prince/Princess Ballerina (Ages 15 months-2)                                                                   Hip Hop (Ages 4 & up) Preschool Combo 1 Ballet & Jazz (Ages 3-4)                                                                           Pom (Ages 5 & up)

Combo 2 Ballet/Tap/Jazz (Ages 5-7)                                                                                  Tumbling (Ages 4 & up)

Combo 3-4 Ballet/Tap/Jazz (Ages 7-11)                                                                    Baton Twirling (Ages 4 & up)



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The Creative Movement Concept:
Many of our combination classes incorporate a teaching technique called “Creative Movement.” This concept allows students to explore movement freely. There is no “right” or “wrong” and no set routines. Of course, there is some direction from the teacher, but the students mind and body are the primary source of the lesson. Because of this, children begin to realize a great deal about how the body can move, their thoughts, their senses, imagination, and the basic joy of dance.


The CS studio knows that all children are gifted in their own special way, so in turn we believe that by teaching through the concept of creative movement, we can successfully fulfill our responsibility to instill a strong sense of self worth, confidence and individuality to our students.

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