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Our Teaching Approach


Successful learning can only be done through quality teaching.

Therefore, our approach to teaching is based on a some basic principles:


1.  Always instruct proper technique.

2.  Provide a welcoming learning environment for all types of students.        

3.  Teach appropriate skills for the appropriate age and level of ability.      

4.  Utilize clean, positive, and family oriented music accompaniment.

5.  Lessons must include lots of fun!


Class Format
Our classes are divided into three main sections, the warm up/stretch, center floor work or progressions, and choreography/combination. Since the body is the instrument used for dance, our general class format is the framework for preparing the mind and muscles for optimal class training. 








Warm up/Stretch:
Before students begin working on technique and choreography, a warm up and stretch is done. The warm up consists of stretching the muscles of the arm, legs, feet, and torso. A variety of stretches can be done either on the floor or in a standing position. Depending on what performing art is being taught, certain parts of the body may be focused on more than others. For example, in ballet class, a warm up can be done by standing at the barre and moving the arms, legs, and feet, while the torso of the body remains in place. For tap, the main focus is to stretch the ankles and feet in order for them to prepare to move in rhythmic fashion.

Center Floor Work/Progressions Across The Floor:

After the warm up and stretch is completed, the class transitions to working on skills that can be done in the center of the room or moving across the floor. This is done in order to strengthen technique and master skills that travel through space.

Choreography/Combination of Steps:

This section of class is probably the most fun for the student! It is where the student is able to combine style, steps, and technique with the music. It is a vital conclusion to class because it helps strengthen timing, musicality, movement transitions, style, and performance quality.

Ballet--All students will need to take this class in order to participate in all other classes except tumbling.

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